Family Education

Clarkston Area Youth Assistance was established in 1961 for the purpose of preventing juvenile delinquency and neglect in the Clarkston, Independence Township and Springfield Township communities. With the help of local citizens, Youth Assistance tries to identify the needs of the community and implement programs that help both children and families. Youth Assistance volunteers provide support in various projects and endeavors. We implement most of the projects to support teenagers who are in difficult life situations and need social, psychological and material support from society. Many of them have problematic relationships in the family and as a result difficulties arise at school, so at the beginning of the so-called therapy, we help them buy term papers online here to start communication on solving pressing issues.
While we are known at CAYA mainly for our programs which are aimed specifically at youth, CAYA also offers throughout the year programs which are aimed at improving family life, parenting skills and other practical programs. One of our most popular programs is conducted by the well-known leader, Jennifer Arkwright. She runs a program called "No More Whining". This program is widely attended by parents with babysitting provided. This program is six weeks long and focuses on parenting skills, but also identifies techniques for improving communication and cooperation within the individual family.
Under our Family Assistance Banner we also conduct practical programs of benefit to children and parents alike. One of the popular programs is a program on how to use the computer "safely" including various software applications in the family environment. Our goal is to have our CAYA parents be at least as competent in the use of the microcomputer as are their children. We also want our parents to be aware of the dangers of dealing with computers in an open network environment and how to monitor/instruct their children to keep them safe. 
In order to raise the level of education of the younger generation, we published several informative articles:

Building Brighter Futures: Preventing Delinquency and Child Abuse
Empowering Youth and Families: Community-Led Solutions
Ending Child Neglect: Engaging Volunteers for Change
We also run an anti-bullying program which has been very successful. We teach the causes of bullying, how to recognize the personality types which are prone to bullying and what to do to avoid it or eliminate it.
We accept suggestions from the community at large about what we should offer which would be of interest and timely to the community.