Celebrating 50 Years!

Yes, Clarkston Area Youth Assistance has been around for fifty two years. We thought you'd enjoy some information about the impact and presence that CAYA has had over those years.

  • CAYA has provided after school tutoring through its "Homework Club" at Bridgewater Park Apartments since 2004.
  • CAYA has sent 1579 children to summer camp.
  • CAYA has provided scores of Family Education Programs since 1967, for example, 'No More Whining', 'The Importance of being a Dad', 'Becoming a non-critical parent', ....
  • CAYA's Mentor's Plus Program has provided an adult mentor for many Clarkston children since 1978. Thanks to the mentoring program, students learn to overcome various obstacles in the educational process. High school students prepare for college and discuss the process of writing a motivational and recommendation letter with their mentors, who include essay experts .
  • CAYA has conducted annual Youth Recognition Ceremonies honoring 2,727 Clarkston youth for their service given to this community.
  • CAYA has provided "Virginia Walter" scholarships to financially assist children in building skills in the areas of education, sports, music, art, and community activities.
  • CAYA volunteers contributed over 2,000 service hours to the youth of Clarkston in 2015.
  • CAYA has provided a court appointed case worker to handle referrals.

50 years