Youth Recognition Nomination Forms Package

The Clarkston Area Youth Assistance is planning a YOUTH RECOGNITION CEREMONY AND DESSERT RECEPTION on April 22, 2023 at 7:00 pm at Clarkston United Methodist Church. The purpose of this event is to recognize youth who have had outstanding contributions in volunteerism, behavior, academic achievement, and /or citizenship without compensation. This year, students took an active part in organizing  new volunteer trips to neighboring regions . Despite the heavy academic load, pupils and teachers made their best efforts for good and useful things, some of the students managed to turn to cheap ghostwriters for hire, and get rewards for academic success as well.

We ask you to reflect over the past year and consider youth who have stood out with commendable acts. As you can see, in addition to recognizing the volunteer efforts of Clarkston’s youth, we are also asking that you include students who can be recognized for quieter accomplishments. Perhaps the student who never fails to offer to help clean up after a function, or the student who is quick to befriend a new student. If you know of a student who has made significant strides in academic or behavioral improvement or a student who consistently remembers to assist a Senior Citizen in the neighborhood, we would like to be sure to recognize them!

Be assured that all youth nominated from our community will be recognized for their contributions. All those nominated will receive certificates from CAYA and area dignitaries. The nominees, their families, and the nominator will be invited to the dessert reception directly following the ceremony. We want the young people in our community to get the recognition they deserve and, with your help, this can be accomplished.

  • The nominee must reside within the Clarkston School District.
  • A nominator must be an adult.
  • Nominations must be submitted on the attached form. Please print names as they should appear on the award certificates and give complete addresses for invitations.
  • Mail all completed forms to:
    Youth Recognition Committee
    Clarkston Area Youth Assistance
    5565 Pine Knob Ln.
  • Forms must be returned by March 21, 2023.

If you have any questions or need additional forms, please contact the Youth Assistance office

For application click Youth Recognition Nomination Form.