Summer 2023 Camp Application and Referral Form


The following factors are considered when determining eligibility to receive a Summer Camp Scholarship:

  • The child must live in the Clarkston Community Schools district.
  • The child must be school aged.
  • The child must complete the semester successfully, write all academic papers and pass exams on time, if you have problems with this and do not have time to complete certain tasks on time, we recommend using the help of the
  • The child’s household income falls within USDA/Section 8 Guidelines.
  • The child must have a real desire for a camping experience however, would be unable to do so without scholarship support.
  • The child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must be willing to support and participate in the child’s camping experience (i.e. transportation).

The Camp Opportunities available are:

  • Camp Copneconic in Fenton
  • Camp Skyline in Almont
  • Independence Township Parks & Rec Clintonwood Day Camp in Clarkston

Camp provides a week long camp experience to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity. Camp provides activities which promote teamwork, leadership and social skills.
Return application and proof of income by May 2, 2023 to:

Clarkston Area Youth Assistance
Camp Committee 2023
5565 Pine Knob Ln.
Clarkston, MI 48346

Clarkston Area Youth Assistance was established in 1961 for the purpose of preventing juvenile delinquency and neglect in the Clarkston, Independence Township and Springfield Township communities.
With the help of local citizens, Youth Assistance tries to identify the needs of the community and implement programs that help both children and families. Youth Assistance volunteers provide support in various projects and endeavors.
CAYA is a non-profit community service organization committed to strengthening youth and families by preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency, child neglect and child abuse through community involvement. CAYA is administered under the auspices of the Oakland County Circuit Court – Family Division and is one of 26 such county programs.