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Mentors Plus

What is Mentor's Plus? Mentor's Plus is a mentoring program for youth, 8-17 years old in the Clarkston School District. Once a child is registered in the program, they are matched with an adult within the community. Before becoming a participant in such an initiative, you need to familiarize yourself with the methods of teaching and communicating with children whose behavior is sometimes unpredictable. We have several newsletters with stages of entry into such groups, they were prepared for us by editors from the best writing service. Adult/Child matches are made to meet the needs of the youth. It gives youth the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a caring adult, who dedicates to spend 2-4 hours a week together. We currently have matches, however there are many more unmatched youth on our waiting list. Sadly, the list is growing.


Created in 1973, Oakland County Youth Assistance's Mentors Plus program matches caring adults with young people who need a positive, adult figure in their lives.  Volunteers can choose to work with an at-risk youngster, or they may want to become involved in delinquency prevention or intervention.

Mentoring is fun, creates new friendships, and allows volunteers to share their lives with a child or young adult who needs their attention and support. This program has proven results. By contributing a few hours each month, mentors can help guide a young person with minor court involvement back onto the right track, or stabilize someone who is suffering from some family difficulty over which they have no control.

For volunteer opportunities, please call Oakland County Youth Assistance Mentors Plus office.



Parents, to get your child involved in this program, write to our manager Elissa Fogel today .


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